Original hand-drawn artwork was scanned and converted to a vector illustration for the Take Back the Night event promotional posters and T-shirts
An illustration created for Radford University's alumni magazine to accompany an article on archeological research on ancient Indian bones to determine the diet and health of ancient Indian populations.
A linoleum block illustration created for Radford University to accompany a series of articles exploring interactions between the sexes at work, at school and at home.
A partly hand-drawn, partly digital illustration done to create a memorial print in honor of a family member's beloved pet Shetland sheepdog, Molly.
Original artwork was drawn in Sharpie marker, scanned, refined and converted to  vector artwork for use on promotional posters, postcards, advertisements and invitations.
Original hand-drawn artwork was created using pencil that was then scanned, refined and converted to a vector artwork for use on promotional posters, advertisements and fliers.
Linoleum block print illustration for fiction article telling the story of an HIV-positive prisoner with a life defined by a daily cocktail of medications who discovers self-respect and success through teaching other inmates to read, eventually feeling more free and at peace inside the prison than he ever felt prior to his incarceration. 

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