Logo for Moncla Fine Homes in Elizabeth City, NC, alluding to the client's classical training in fine woodworking combined with the latest in sustainable, environmentally-friendly building techniques and materials
Regional publisher Advertising Concepts, Inc. was seeking to unify its disparate media (four magazines, a website and four broadsheet shopper publications) under a single banner.  The Richmond Navigator name was already being used for the website and was selected as the nameplate that all the other entities would be organized under. The new logo (this stacked version and a horizontal version) ties into the navigation concept while referencing the colors of the original Richmond Navigator web banner.
The lighting used in stage productions provided the inspiration behind this proposed logo design for Connecticut Repertory Theatre.
Logo designed for the Dan Schutt Band, a Richmond-area band playing a blend of blues, rhythm &  blues and classic rock. Often performing as a 3-piece band, bandleader Daniel Schutt's emotive and often fiery guitar-playing is prominent in the band's sound and was a natural basis for the logo design.
Logo designed for Cottages on Roanoke Island, a business providing a variety of cottage accommodations, as part of a website design project because the client had no pre-existing branding (Outer Banks This Week/OneBoat)
Logo for a proposed online art business based in Manteo, NC, a small town on Roanoke Island on North Carolina's Outer Banks.
Logo for a program of awareness-raising and fund-raising dinners sponsored by supporters of Outer Banks Hotline, a crisis intervention center and domestic violence shelter
Logo for Downtown Books in Manteo referencing the bookshop's prominent "tower"
The gray diamond-shaped grid in this logo design for SafeNet, a construction risk management firm, represents both heavy industry, such as commercial construction, and the safety net implied by the company name. The Caution Orange and Caution Green colors have long been associated with the risk management field.
The original Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse was raised above the water on a steel girder framework. In this logo design the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse type below the lighthouse rendering subtly references that original steel framework.
The goal behind this logo for the Dare Education Foundation in Dare County, NC, was to create a identity mark that symbolized uplift, positive movement, support, striving for excellence, etc., without succumbing to the visual cliches that typically plague education-oriented designs.
Because weather is such a routine factor in safety issues along the Outer Banks, in this logo for Outer Banks Public Safety Auxiliary I chose to incorporate a blazing sun behind the nameplate at the center of the shield and waves at the shield's bottom.
Logo for Heron Pond Montessori School for use on letterhead, book bags, t-shirts and other promotional items.
Business card for Elizabeth Evans, a public relations professional, reflecting the colorful, yet sophisticated elegance of the identity I designed for her firm 
Logo for Seaside Vacations, a vacation rental company on North Carolina's Outer Banks
Sometimes the primary challenge of a logo design is simply the client's name. Like many non-profits, Northeastern Community Development Corporation is saddled with an extremely unwieldy name, so unwieldy that the organization is know community-wide as simply NCDC. I focused on that with an early 20th century populism-style sunburst design.
The Take Back The Night logo was a off-shoot of the event poster illustration process. During creation of the poster I realized that the sexual assault awareness-raising and prevention initiative would eventually need its own standalone mark and the artwork at the center of the poster design leapt out as an obvious solution to the problem.
Outer Banks Sporting Events supports a wide range of athletic events, so its logo needed to depict boldness, movement and action while being flexible enough to be used in diverse promotional settings and strong enough to compete with numerous event specific logos and other graphics.
Logo for Omni Community Services, a foster care support organization, as it was used with the physical address on business envelopes
Logo and signage art for a long-term campground on Roanoke Island on North Carolina's Outer Banks.

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